Computer Art- 1995-1998

The works were made with softwares: Animator Pro, Painter and Photoshop,
using my Wacom Intuos 6×8 Tablet, UMAX scanner and Video Capture.
In the process of creation, I begin with impromptu basis and build up a set of images.
I let the chance surprise me.
I create an imagination world rich in eroticism, surrealistic characters, aliens,
and undersea creatures.

A Fantasy

A fantasy
A fantasy.

This work was created with Photoshop and Animator Pro.
It combines photos and computer paintings.
Orgy of sexual passion longing for touch and relationship.
The making accompanied touch with materials:
acrylic and sea-sand which I also photoed.

The Revelation

A revelation
A revelation.

This work was created with Animator Pro and Photoshop.
It combines painting with photos and is made of two parts:
one is foreplay, conceal and reveal, the other is about occurrence at night of sexual and romantic revelation.

Dolphins in Love

Dolphins in love
Dolphins in love.

This work was created with Animator Pro and Photoshop.
A couple of dolphins create the image of passion and love.
This creation combines a photography with painting.

An Erotic Alien

An erotic UFO
An erotic UFO.

This work was created with Animator Pro and Photoshop.

In a sexual perversion show starring a sweet Walt Disney puppet which I have

at home. I photoed it and adjusted it with Photoshop by duplications, filters

and painting in order to make it less sweetish.

Also starring a creepy alien’s head which I found on the internet.

The “body” of the alien I made with plaster.

I combined a photograph of sand with erotic video photos.

A Spaceship and a Flower

A spaceship and a flower
A spaceship and a flower.

This work was created with Animator Pro and Photoshop.
The spaceship is made of a glass saucer which I photoed.
The flower was painted with Animator Pro.
The background was created by special effects of the Animator Pro
program and with filters of Photoshop.

The Flowers’ Fairy

The flower fairy
The flower fairy.

The work was created with Photoshop and Animator Pro.
A combination of a painting with an edited photography.
The work was influenced by the charming Walt Disney
animation movie “FANTASIA”.

The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince
The Happy Prince.

The illustration is according to the wonderful and moving story of Oscar Wilde.
It is a touching and painful moment when the swallow is departing from the happy
prince, kissing his lips, and falls dead to his feet.
The happy prince is left without his golden cover, his ruby and his sapphire.
I combined the angle watching them in the holy and pure moment, with the warming
sun. The prince I made of clay, pictured it and scanned into the computer.
The rest I painted with Painter, the background I painted with acrylic over several
cels, spread UHU glue and scanned.
All the elements combined and processed with Photoshop.

Aliens’ Games

The aliens are playing
The aliens are playing.

This work was created with Animator Pro using an electronic pen.
A free painting I painted with no intention of looks using my pen I had received,
before I changed to Wacom. With it I was free from heaviness and clumsiness
of the mouse, I was really free and it was so fun!

Three Lovers

A trio of lovers
A trio of lovers.

The work was created with Painter.
A spontaneous painting which I made with the marvelous software “Painter”.
I like this painting. It seems I designed it strictly, in spite of making it spontaneously.

A Courting

A courtship
A courtship.

The work was created with Painter.
One character is courting another character, mutual courting of attentiveness
and giving. The painting combined assimilation of watercolor with oil pastel.

A connection

A connection
A connection.

This work was created with Painter.
The painting shows a couple in contact.
This is my first painting I made with this software and I was so excited.
The marvelous Painter enable me to feel a real painting
with no pixel’s sight.