About Photography
Fine Art Photography. Toy Photography.

I create photo image using toys: soft stuffed animals & plush toys, wooden toys, figurines, antique and vintage toys & dolls, in my home or outdoors using creative sets.
I edit my images in Lightroom and Photoshop using layers of photos and occasionally also a combination of digital drawings.
Influenced by animation, surrealism, fine art photographers, and “Toy Photography”.
Toys and dolls are a fun game. They are a showcase that reflects the social and cultural environment in which we are. Through them a gate was opened to the world of my imagination, fantasies, passions and dreams.

I, Snaily. Self-Portrait.

I, Snaily.
I, Snaily. Self-portrait.

“I, Snaily”.
I photographed myself connected to a vintage snail toy covering part of my face.
Taken in my living room. Behind me is an open window overlooking the magical bokeh lights of the city at night.
This self-portrait shot was influenced by 2 surrealist works I saw by the Belgian artist René Magritte: “The Son of Man” and “Man in a Bowler Hat”.
In both of these works, the man’s face is covered. One in a hovering green apple and the other in a flying white dove.
I love such surreal combinations, which blur the line between imagination and reality. Instead of an apple and a dove, I chose a snail, which brings up an association of slowness. I see myself as a snail. Feeling very slow and also different, unique and non-standard. And the truth is, I don’t have a problem with that.
I have learned over the years to accept myself as I am. The way I deal with myself is through humor and lightness. The same goes to the outside. A sort of sociable suggestion for open, flexible, and liberated thinking.
The outside view of a photograph or any artistic work does not have to be serious and heavy. The artistic discourse can be a simple but deep text, without philosophizing. Like maybe – a wink.